Legionella Disinfection

Eliminating 99.99% of bacteria and biofilm from the water network

RENTACS Products

Legionella Disinfection Units

Aqua Cleaning Solutions is a patented technology that eliminates 99.99% of bacteria in the water supply. It also eradicates the biofilm that constitutes the protection and habitat of pathogenic bacteria.

During disinfection the tubes are completely sterilised. The entire water system and all utilities are treated to ensure a complete and lasting treatment.

This is the ideal applications for hospitals, hotels, retirement homes, apartments, industries, schools, swimming pools, wellness centres, misting systems, fountains, boats and airplanes.


Aqua Cleaning Solutions

What are the benefits?

Fewer interventions

The combined action of the air, biocide and temperature reduces the presence of biofilm to such an extent that it reduces the need for further sanitising intervention.

Reduced costs

Aqua Cleaning Solutions, combined with a periodic surveillance protocol, reduces the number of necessary interventions while maintaining full control of biological risk.

Biofilm elimination

Aqua Cleaning Solutions cleanses the entire water system, removing the biofilm completely and creating better long-term protection.

Longer sanitisation

Bacteria takes longer to find the optimal environmental conditions to colonise the water system and potentially cause problems in the future.

RENTACS Products

Legionella Disinfection Units