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Complete disinfection of every remote part of a room

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Rentacs environments disinfection system

Rentacs International has developed an innovative disinfection method and protocol for the reduction of bacteria and viruses. These are present everywhere on surfaces, walls, floors, everyday objects such as keyboards, screens, door handles, desks and chairs.

Bacteria, along with other microbes, have a remarkable ability to survive and even thrive in habitats that other organisms simply cannot tolerate. This can be problematic, especially in hygiene-critical environments, such as healthcare.


A wide range of applications are available

RENTACS Room Disinfection

What are the benefits?

Dry fog

Disinfection without wetting and damaging components and surfaces.

"No Touch" method

Complete disinfection reaching every corner and point of the room.

COVID-19 solution

Successfully used in Italy against COVID-19 during the pandemic.

Effective method

Effectiveness has been established by numerous international studies.

"No Touch" Method

How Rentacs room disinfection works

Rentacs room disinfection is a new technology based on atomisation of the water and biocide. The average size off the droplets sprayed out is between 5 and 7.5 microns.

This allows the system to reach almost 100% of relative humidity, reaching each corner and point of the room, without wetting and damaging components and surfaces. The result is the complete disinfection of each remote part of the room.

The fixed system is a combination of nozzles installed inside the room and a PLC driven controller able to start the automatic sequence of phases to disinfect:

  1. Check the room to report the eventual presence of people
  2. Close the door
  3. Activate the warning light disinfection in progress
  4. Activate the nozzles biocide spray
  5. Wait the action of the biocide
  6. Release the door and and warning light.

Case Study

Research shows: Room sterile after RENTACS disinfection The effectiveness of our DRY FOG method has been tested in an accredited (ACCREDIA) laboratory. We investigated the effects of a dry mist with biocide solution (H2O2).
Samples were taken in a closed office space. Then our equipment was used. Afterwards another measurement was taken. The results of the samples taken have clearly shown that the “no touch” cleaning method completely reduces the contamination on the surface on any surface from which samples have been taken.
“The effectiveness of our DRY FOG method has been tested in an accredited (ACCREDIA) laboratory.” The values ​​after remediation are comparable to those of the limits set for sterile rooms.
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