Cleaning and Disinfection

Killing any remaining germs on surfaces reducing the risk of spreading infection

RENTACS Products

Chemicals are used to remove numerous kinds of bacteria and viruses

Rentacs sells and uses certified and approved chemicals and cleaners to disinfect a variety of water systems. These chemicals are biodegradable and are used to remove numerous kinds of bacteria and viruses from within these environments.  The most innovative of green technologies are used in these processes.


Cleaning & Disinfection Products

  • Folmasan

    Combination of phosphates mixed with sodium silicates activated by carbonate for corrosion protection, hardness...
  • Timlex

    Floran Timlex is a universal cleaner with an excellent cleaning effect on all coatings of drinking water systems...
  • Floran Top

    Floran TOP is a product for all surfaces with good cleaning properties against limescale, iron and manganese deposits...
  • Oxys

    Floran Oxys is a special product for the disinfection of drinking water systems through the use of mild acids ensures...
  • Evobac


    Innovative 100% biological probiotic solution to counteract the bacterial proliferation of pathogenic bacteria...