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Rentacs Netherlands Stands for close partnerships and knowledge sharing

RENTACS Netherlands

RENTACS Partnership Program

Rentacs patented methods and technologies are available to external parties. We have entered into many long-term relationships with consultancies, installation companies, property managers and facility service providers through our dealership program.

Rentacs cleaning and disinfection services, sediment tank cleaning and management are used by both “priority settings”, including healthcare facilities, swimming pools and housing associations, and “non-priority” settings such as sports clubs.

RENTACS Netherlands Partnership

What are the benefits?

Machines & Operators

Dealers use RENTACS patented technologies and experienced operators

Tested Methods

Total cleaning and disinfection using patented RENTACS methodology

Hygienic Design

RENTACS hygienic design to avoid retrograde contamination

Are you an installer, consultant, property manager or facility service provider? Do you want the best quality for your customers?

Become a Partner

Become a Partner