About us

Cleaning, Disinfecting and Controlling Legionella and various kinds of bacteria in a variety of water installations, including (but not limited to) tap drinking water.


Who we are

RENTACS’ mission is to keep drinking water safe and healthy, without incorporating complicated and expensive methodologies. In order to achieve this we have developed and patented mobile cleaning and disinfection technologies with unique in-house methodologies. Our CE approved technologies make it possible to clean drinking water systems safely, efficiently and rapidly.

RENTACS is an organisation that provides products and services both globally and locally to ensure drinkable water systems are kept both safe and healthy. We design innovative solutions that ensure unrivalled water treatment.

“We love what we do” As a leader in technology against Legionella and bacterial Biofilm in drinkable water lines, we provide global services, share patented technology with our partners, supply water treatment solutions, provide in-depth training courses and advise on the combat and prevention of Legionella pneumophila.

RENTACS has a highly skilled team of legionella specialists that continuously undergo professional training and have all the necessary certifications to make us a leader in our industry. The operators are involved in continuous development of the cleaning and vacuum units and master the technologies and techniques like no other provider in the industry.

The aim is to provide an excellent service to the end customer, together.


By continuous innovation and sharing, we contribute to global solutions allowing humans and animals to enjoy safe and healthy drinkable water


To ensure that humans and animals globally can enjoy safe and healthy drinking water free from legionella pneumophila


“Keep it simple and share the solution” is our motto. We strive to be the leading company in the combat and prevention of legionella pneumophila globally

Core Values

Inspire confidence to our customers through our team’s passion for knowledge, professionalism, research and continuous innovation

Sascha Asselman

Managing Director

Sascha Asselman is our Managing Director, characterised by her solution-oriented attitude and entrepreneurial character. Sascha focuses on growing and maintaining close partnerships and relationships. Innovative ideas, development and improvement are always at the forefront of Sascha’s mind. Sascha is extremely passionate about ensuring good water quality and promoting sustainability, both within and outside of the Netherlands.

Johan Leuvekamp

Financial Director

Johan Leuvekamp is our Financial Director. Having had a stellar career in leading different businesses, not only from a financial aspect, but also utilising his strength in commercial planning and organising to bring clarity and structure to the environments around him. Johan makes sure there is ample room to innovate and create new ideas. Johan’s strengths are his time and financial management skills, which gives RENTACS partners the confidence and transparency to build strong and long-lasting relationships in business.

Francesco - Rentacs

Francesco Giovanelli

Sales Director – RENTACS International

Francesco, a leading stalwart in the engineering and sales of RENTACS International BV, has been involved for a number of years, before joining as a partner with RENTACS in 2019. Francesco is one of the engineers who has developed and patented the technology of our mobile cleaning and disinfection technologies, spanning more than 15 years. One of Francesco’s strengths is his ability to innovate and develop solutions for almost any situation. Keep it Simple, a quote that sums Francesco up perfectly. Francesco’s ability to not only innovate, but also engineer these innovations, and adding his commercial prowess, has allowed RENTACS to create a market for the products and services internationally. To add to Francesco’s array of capabilities, he has also been the Sales Manager for RENTACS Italy since September 2020.