Legionella Filters

Providing immediate protection from Legionella

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Point of use Tap Filters for Protection against Legionella

Legionella is a source of danger if water, vapours or aerosols are inhaled and reach the lungs through taps, showers, while washing dishes, or even during teeth brushing.

Point-of-use filters provide immediate protection against Legionella and remove 99.99% of Legionella from the tap.

Water supply systems are a major source of nosocomial infections. Point of use membrane filters installed directly at the water outlet are an established method of protecting patients against waterborne bacteria.

In medical facilities, point-of-use bacterial filters are used either a) reactively, as an immediate solution in the event of contamination with pathogens such as Legionella or pseudomonas or b) proactively, to deliver consistent protection to high-risk patients from the ever present risk of infection.

Point of use Filters

What are the benefits?

Safe and reliable protection

Reliable and safe protection against waterborne bacteria.

Operating time

Point-of-use filters offer an operating time of up to two months.

Hygienic Design

Hygienic design to avoid retrograde contamination.

More flexibility

Point-of-use filters have an offset outlet allowing for greater flexibility.

RENTACS Products

Sanitary Water Point-of-Use Filters


The Baclyse series are CE-marked medical devices. These are disposable, point-of-use, hollow fibre membrane water filters with a proven retention efficiency of 7 Log steps for Brevundimonas diminuta. This complies with the FDA definition of sterile filtered water.

Thus, all waterborne bacteria such as pseudomonas and legionella are blocked by these tap filters. The hygienic design and use of bacteriostatic material in the filter outlet prevents retrograde contamination. The filter is designed to deliver a consistent bacteriological performance at the design flow rate for the up to 2-months dependent on water quality.

On expiry of the operating time, the used filter can be easily changed via the quick release coupling and then disposed of responsibly. The individual barcode on each filter supports traceability and documentation processes within hospitals hygiene routines.

RENTACS Products

Medical Water Point of use Filters