Instant and total evaporation properties that range from cooling, humidity control, dust and odour control

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The design expertise and construction of our products put us at the forefront of producing state-of-the-art nebulising systems.

We support you in the design of tailor-made solutions, to meet any need in the nebulisation sector. 

The water is pressurised at a pressure between 60 and 100 bar and passing through special nozzles it is nebulized in droplets with an average size of 10 microns. This dimension allows us instant and total evaporation with effects that range from cooling to humidity control, to dust and odour control.


What are the use cases?

Evaporative cooling

Adiabatic evaporative cooling is the only tool capable of effectively reducing the temperature in outdoor environments up to 10-12° C.

Humidity control

Maintaining the optimal humidity level, the nebulisation helps to reduce the dehydration and evaporative losses experienced in different industries.

Dust & odour removal

Humidity brought by the nebulisation weighs down dust causing it to fall without wetting or creating unwanted mixtures.

Pre-cooling & energy efficiency

Evaporation of water before the exchanger increases the energy efficiency of industrial condensing units with a saving of up to 30%.


Evaporative Cooling


Humidity Control


Other Use Cases