Mission statement

Ensuring that everyone can enjoy safe and clean (drinking) water.

Many innovations are required to guarantee safe water, in the future also; this involves various challenges, in the Netherlands as well as internationally.


By innovating continuously and sharing these innovations, we contribute to simple and quick solutions, allowing humans and animals across the world to avail of safe and healthy water.

Our ambition

To become a internationally leading company in the area of prevention and the combating of Legionella pneumophila. As a result of our partner concept, everyone in the world can avail of an excellent cleaning method, with the motto of ‘keep it simple and share the solutions’.

About us

Who are we?

RENTACS is an organisation that provides products and services worldwide to keep (drinking) water safe and healthy. It does not focus on complicated or expensive solutions, but tries to provide simple and affordable products and services.

What do we do?

RENTACS provides the following services within and outside of Europe:
• partnership
RENTACS associates can become a concept partner. These affiliated partners are provided with patented cleaner units and vacuum units.
• seconding RENTACS operators
• dealing with training courses
• providing advice about the prevention and combating of Legionella pneumophila
• the sale of entirely automated Legionella pneumophila prevention systems for all types of cooling towers
• legionella pneumophila-proof shower heads

Our machines

Our mobile cleaning machines have been developed in the Netherlands under our own management and have a European patent. In addition, they have the CE quality mark and a Kiwa BRL-K14032 certification. The machines allow for the safe, efficient and rapid cleaning of drinking water systems. As a result of a singular combination of cold and hot water, air and environmentally-friendly chemicals, both Legionella pneumophila bacteria and biofilm are removed from drinking water pipes (see animation).

Our employees

We are proud of our employees, who have been working as Legionella pneumophila specialists for many years. They have the required certification and continuously follow training courses. The operators are involved in the (further) development of the cleaner and vacuum units and manage the machines and techniques perfectly.

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